The elusive formula for happiness in law and in life

Finding success in every area of life starts with raising your standards.

Why do some people think that love is not available to them? Why do some people think that massive financial success is not available to them? Why do some people think that an exciting and fulfilling career is not available to them.

The answer is the limitations that people place on themselves and what they can do.

Therefore, the first step to being able to achieve success in every area of life is raising your standards to reflect your blueprint as to how you think your life SHOULD be in that area.

So what is my blueprint you ask? Think of an area of your life that you are happy with. It could be your weight, your fitness level, your love life, your career, your finances.

The reason you are happy with that area of your life is because your current life experience/life conditions (the way you are living life today) are AS GOOD AS or better than your blueprint/story you tell yourself as to what your life should be like in that area.

Now think of an area you are unhappy with. It is because your life conditions are LESS THAN your blueprint/the story you tell yourself as to what you expect from yourself in that area of life.

So what is the formula for happiness?

Life conditions = blueprint = happy

What is the formula for unhappiness?

Life conditions DO NOT = blueprint = pain/disappointment/frustration.

If your life conditions are way different from the blueprint as to how your life should be in that area it will cause you enormous pain whereas if it is a little different it might cause you anxiety and stress.

When your life doesn’t match your blueprint and you have no control over changing it, that’s when people suffer.

So to achieve happiness in every area of your life, assess what your own blueprint is and make sure that you are at least achieving that in your life.

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